Hi. I am Taylor. I am an insatiably peripatetic girl. Follow my adventures and my heart around the world as I chase down love and the thrill of the unknown from corner to corner of this crazy planet.

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3 Responses to “Hi.”

  1. danknutz Says:

    hi! i’m mike. i think i saw you at one byt pool party one time. and i believe i have you in one of my photos. you should check out my blog (madstract.com). i like how having drinks is consistent theme in your travels.

    1. Taylor Says:

      Danko! Janine and I were just talking about you the other day and how much we liked you. And what do you know, you do have me in your blog. I love your sense of color and distorted perspective. Will definitely keep up with your posts.

      Drinking is most certainly a consistent theme in the life of any alcoholic, though lately my drinking and traveling and non-blog related writing have left the weekenderlogs wanting for my attention. Will devote some time to it soon. Glad you found me on here. Don’t be a stranger. -T

  2. danknutz Says:

    well i’m just tickled to death you two still remembered me. glad you dig my shots.
    let’s all do something awesome this weekend that’s worthy of a weekenderlog entry – preferably something that involves drinking.

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